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Scenic Modelling Accessories

Welcome to Green Scene. 

Manufacturers of high quality scenic modelling materials, 

Flockit © and many other innovative accessories


Squires have now launched their first proper online ordering website. 

They have started off gently with a small site for the range of the Metcalfe Kits and a small selection of their Tools and Adhesives

They plan to expanded along with creating a dedicated Squires one in due course.

For exciting competitions and their famous POST FREE Mail Order, check out the new site

To Best use our site for online shopping, please use the product categories page, where you can jump to whichever type of products you require. Access to the shopping basket is made by clicking the button next to any product. For European orders please select France and just put your actual address in the comments box. For rest of world select United States even if you live in China! Again, just put your actual address in the comments box. 

An independant review of Static Applicators

Some interesting comparisons !

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